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What is a motor magnet?

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Motors currently mainly use neodymium iron boron strong magnetic materials, including sintered magnets and bonded magnets. Permanent magnet motors using neodymium iron boron magnets as motor magnets have small size, light weight, high torque-inertia ratio, high servo system response, high power and speed/weight ratio, high starting torque, and energy saving.

Most of the magnets used in motors are tile-shaped, circular or trapezoidal, and can be used in different motors, such as permanent magnet motors, AC motors, DC motors, linear motors, brushless motors, etc. People usually use motor magnets and motor magnets It is driven by the attractive and repulsive force of the magnetic field. Generally, radially symmetrical magnetized tile-shaped motor magnets are selected to form a ring, because sintered NdFeB is an anisotropic material, and it is difficult to make complex magnetization directions. At present, there are also radial magnetization products of sintered NdFeB motor magnets, but there are many restrictions on the size and grade, and the magnetic performance is extremely unstable, the consistency is very poor, and the mold coils and magnetizing fixtures are very expensive.

At present, the demand for motor magnets is very large, and magnets are its core components. Neodymium iron boron permanent magnet materials can be used in micro-special motors, small and medium-sized motors and large generators.

Samarium-cobalt motor magnets are also used for special purposes, and ferrite motor magnets are used for low-end products.