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About Us

Reliability And Competence

Established in 1998, we are professional manufacturer and exporter of high grade NdFeB magnets and magnetic assemblies. In the stream of time, 11years maybe very brief, but it’s plenty for us to become strong and skillful from a vital new team.

But in the industrial chain, magnets are terminal products facing more and more intense competition. When we celebrated 10years founding 2008, we’ve realized that It's time to find other products with high technology to develop ourselves in the next 10 years.

We choose permanent magnet motors- Because 60% of our magnet demands is coming from that area. Because we’ve gained much experience in that area through our existing customers. Also Because we've established strategic cooperation relationships with an excellent design team coming from Northwestern Polytechnical University, which is famous for its aircraft industry education in China. We've promoted our design & motor products successfully to the field of injection machines(AC servo motors), numerical machines(spindle motors) and electric-automobiles factories(brushless DC motors). Usually the capacity of those motors is from 0.75KW to 55KW.

Quality Management System